Sunday, January 7, 2018

Donita2017 Reflection

My theme for 2017 was to "Maintain My Groovy Self".  Maintaining what we've been working towards the last few years proved more challenging than we anticipated when I chose this focus.  But I'm so glad that we did.  Because we didn't have crazy ambitious goals and timelines in our minds, we were better able to respond and adjust when stuff went sideways.  There were financial set-backs, we lost my Ellie dog, personal set-backs, more unexpected home-related issues... But we're okay and we are managing all of it as well as I think we can.  You know, as well as we can without winning the lottery, obviously.

As for my hope of ending 2017 healthier and happier, I think I can say that happened.  Not as healthy as I would have hoped, but certainly still moving in the right direction, even if it feels like a snail's pace sometimes.  As for happier, I think I am moving in that direction as well.  <schmoop> And the hubs and I continue to grow together and love each other more through each trial. </schmoop>

A big part of my personal wellness and happiness is creating, so let's talk about that!

Crafting goals for this year were:

  • Spin for more large projects
    Enjoy the fleeces currently insulating the guest room closet!
  • Sew
    Enjoy the fabric stash and machine!
  • Knit more sweaters & socks
    Wearing these on the daily makes me happy & keeps me warm.  And I have plenty of yarn to do both in my house right now!
  • Knit an afghan or 2
    We love piling under all the blankets and the love will be only increased by handknit blankets!
  • Learn brioche knitting
  • Knit from:
  • 20K in finished projects again!

How did I stack up?

Spinning:  I spun for 2 sweaters this year!  Woohoo!
I have started sampling for my first fleece from the closet, but there are some challenges.  More on that later.

Sewing: I sewed 5 dresses, 2 pair of leggings and a tunic.

Knitting: I knit 4 adult sweaters, 5 baby sweaters, 2 summer tops, 9 pairs of socks and 19 accessories (mainly hats & cowls).

Afghans: I started one... but didn't get very far.  Plans for more to come!

Learn brioche: Nope.  But I did learn to weave!!

Weaving: 5 towels, 4 placemats, 2 table runner type things, and 4 scarves.  It's addicting!  Thanks for being my hook-up, Purling Dervish!

Knit from stash: 27 projects from stash!
Knit from queue: 11 projects from queue!
Knit from handspun: only 2 projects from handspun - but one was a sweater! And I have two more handspun sweaters on the needles.

Knitted & woven FOs can be seen on Ravelry hereHandspun can be seen on Ravelry here.


Knitting - 16,800
Spinning - 7,054
Weaving - 2,314

That comes to a grand total of 26,168 yards!  That's more than I expected to accomplish - and really good, considering I ended the year with another sweater about 98% done!

I'd call my goals met and my crafting year...

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