Sunday, December 31, 2017

Donita2017 Q4 - The Home stretch

Well, it's time to shut 2017 down.  You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

I knit up a cowl for the hubs, to match a hat he made himself a few years ago.  This was my first time knitting with Briar Rose Fibers yarn and this base was SO squishy and delicious!

While it doesn't seem like much, I finally finished handsewing the grosgrain ribbon into the button bands on my Lauriel cardigan.  Hopefully, I will wear it more now!

I also sewed some things!!  This is the Laundry Day Tee/Dress from Love Notions Patterns.  I used the short sleeve/original neckline/dress length/high-low option.  The fabric is from Joann Fabrics and has little bats all over it! There were also dresses with spiders & webs and black cats.  Yay for Halloween crafting!

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I finally found a great pattern for a beautiful skein of blue merino/yak/nylon blend yarn and knit it up into a Copilot cowl.

And I dyed my hair!
My mom fell in love my weaving and asked for some towels.  And it's hard to say no to the woman who gave you life.


One set turned out more like placemats because I can't decipher my own notes... But it was a happy accident!

Since there was a math error, I had nearly a full cone of each color yarn left, so she got some more. 

Again, I can't decipher my own notes... These are more like wee table runners for her round table.  One of these days...!! shakes fist at universe 

I realized it had been a hot minute since I'd spun anything, so I randomly grabbed a braid from my stash & started spinning!

This fall, I participated in the Joji (Locatelli) Fall Knit-Along.  For that, I knitted her Lines and Corners cowl out of some leftovers from the Marvel blankie I double-knit the ginger nephew a few years ago.

I used some Cascade 220 that was leftover from a knitting friend's Touchdown KAL that never ended a few years ago to make a houndstooth scarf.  I said years ago that, if I ever decided to weave, it would be only until I got good enough to weave houndstooth.  Here we are!  But I'm not giving it up any time soon!

That scarf only took 2 balls of worsted weight! I am thinking about unknotting and twisting this fringe now... we'll see.

And I had plenty left over, so I whipped up a hat! This went to a SIL during our annual gift exchange.

I had the jonesing to spin again, so I grabbed a braid & DVD combo I grabbed on a crazy sale months ago from Interweave.  Jillian was delightful on the DVD and I learned a few new tricks for those lovely handpainted braids I can't say no to.

I split this braid from Sweet Georgia in half and spun the first half top to bottom and the second half the exact opposite.  This braid was a good choice for this approach, as it drafted equally easily from both ends (I've had braids which definitely had a choice of direction - I would recommend trying both ends of your braid before you decide to take this approach!).  The end result was a crazy beautiful barberpole!

I have no plan for this skein - I spun it just for the joy of spinning it!  And I'm content with it just existing to make me happy for now!

I had given my mom a skein of Mountain Colors for her birthday back in August and she told me later that she would really love it woven up as a scarf! (Do we see a theme here?! LOL) She asked if one skein was enough (nope...), but left it with me to see if I could find something that would coordinate.  A few weeks later, I found a perfect skein at 614 Knit Studio!

Birthday skein on the left, additional skein on the right
The birthday skein was called 'Gold Rush' and the new skein was called 'Copper'.  There are bits of the copper color in the first skein, so I decided it would compliment nicely.

The solid really toned down the wild bits of the multi, but I'm happy with the result.

The color in this pic isn't true - more like the one above, but it's the best I could get with the whole scarf in the frame!

Hopefully, Mom will be, too!

I also sewed up some clothes for Christmas! Using the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee pattern again, I whipped up another dress for my company holiday party.  Again, this is from Doodles fabric from Joann's (if it ain't broke... haha)

It looked great and was super comfy! I wore it again to my family's Christmas lunch.

I also used the Laundry Day Tee pattern to make a v-neck, long sleeved tunic.  It is perfect!

I also attempted my first Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates.

Yes, those are snowflakes and hedgehogs!! squeeeee

They sewed up easily enough and I was so excited... until I put them on.  When I was buying fabric for these, I missed the memo about 4-way stretch versus 2-way stretch.  2-way stretch is fine for tops, actually I prefer it so they don't grow under their own weight.  However, for leggings, 4-way stretch is kinda key.  And that oversight is totally my fault.

First, I had to rip the waistband out completely and take a few inches off and sew it back in.  Have I ever mentioned that I love how quickly sewing a garment is?  Have I ever mentioned how slow and cranky-making seam ripping is? (Funny, how knitting is exactly the opposite?)  The revised waistbands were better, but still too large, so I'm gonna add some elastic to them next.  They will be fine for lounging around the house, PJs, going to reiki, etc.  All in all, a good learning experience.  I am SUPER glad I didn't cut ALL the leggings before I learned my lesson. Bullet dodged!

I have more winter themed fabric & I plan to sew that up in the coming months! And branching out into other patterns, too, promise!

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