Monday, October 16, 2017

Donita2017 Q3

Summer has gone and fall has come.  It's finally sweater weather and I couldn't be more happy about it!

First up in July, I finished a top (that I started in May), because I finally found a pattern that I could use this yarn for! And I used EVERY. LAST. BIT.

July is Tour de Fleece month, so naturally, there was spinning!  This year, I finished a sweater quantity of DK weight yarn in a bevy of blues. Details of how I spun this yarn are all spelled out here.

After all that spinning was concluded, I got back to these socks that I couldn't resist casting on before the tour started.  More timey-wimey knitting!

With the sad death of my nook's power supply, I also resigned myself to reading on my iPad (I really don't like to stare at the backlit screen if I can help it... but...).  I decided to make another reading rest for me.  This was the perfect project for that yarn that bled like a Tim Burton movie because it shouldn't ever get wet!  And it was the right weight for the pattern.  So I made one.

My mom recently got Netflix on her iPad, and proceeded to binge-watch The Office, so she needed this one.  So, I made another one.

Then I decided I wanted one upstairs and down.  So, I made another one.

And then I had to cut myself off.  For now. I make no promises for the future.

The Never-Ending Behmalong is, obviously, still going.  And with a cute new pattern in Knitty, I couldn't resist casting on!  This yarn from See Jayne Knit is SO soft and will be perfect to cuddle up in.

Because one Martina Behm pattern on the needles is never enough, I cast on a Trillian as well in a delicious MCN from Invictus Yarns.  I even listened to a bit of Douglas Adams while I was knitting it!

I finally got the loom warped again!  Just a plain weave scarf, but the handpainted yarn sings.  It turned out LOVELY and soft!

I cranked out another Hitchhiker, for a friend who needed some wooly TLC.  I sent it to her with some sugar skull candy, too, because they're fun and she's Latina and I can.

We learned that some friends of ours were expecting TWINS.  Time for more baby gifts! Two Flax Light sweaters by Tin Can Knits, and two modified Barley hats, also by TCK.  One leaning a bit toward Slytherin colors, like daddy, and one leaning a bit toward Ravenclaw colors, like mommy.

A pair of socks from deep stash (the LYS where I purchased this yarn doesn't exist anymore!).

I pulled out a WIP I started last winter: an Antler hat by Tin Can Knits from some of my handspun, intended for the hubs.  Sadly, the yarn just wasn't meant to be that hat.  Happily, there was some lovely handspun from our Auntie Moo that fit the bill perfectly!

I realized that I was a total slacker and didn't get a baby gift to one of my oldest friends before the baby was born and I had knit for their first 3, so I had to fix that.  Another Flax Light & Barley Light were the solution to that problem.  I love those patterns for baby knits - quick, cute & cozy!

Also this summer, I participated in The Knit Girllls annual Stash Dash - a knit-along to encourage you to finish projects & WIPS & use stash!  I decided to aim for the 15K goal (meaning 15,000 yards of finished projects or finished handspun yarn) this year.  I smashed that goal with an awesome 19,393.6 yards of finished items (link to my FO post with pics and yardage breakdown).  Admittedly, they changed the way you count handspun yardage this year and that really helped my total. I finished a sweater, a short-sleeved top, 5 pairs of socks, two scarves, 3 iPad rests, 2 sweater-quantities of handspun yarn, a cowl & a shawl between Memorial Day and mid-August. I didn't win a prize, but I am declaring myself a winner anyway!

Here's how the year is going:
  • Spin for more large projects
    • 2 sweaters spun for!
  • Sew
    • not yet, but fabric and patterns acquired! (You know, because I didn't have any fabric before... ::shifty eyes::
  • Knit more sweaters & socks
    • 4 me-sized sweaters
    • 4 baby sweaters
  • Knit an afghan or 2 ::more shifty eyes::
  • Learn brioche knitting  Learning Weaving Instead.  Brioche may happen later.
    • Weaving is continuing to happen!
  • Knit from:
    • stash - check!
    • queue - check!
    • handspun - does someone else's handspun count?
  • 20K in finished projects - Smashed it already!
    • Knitting: 15K+
    • Spinning: 6K+
    • Weaving: 1K+