Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Willing To Go To Beautiful Lengths

A few years ago, I randomly decided to cut my hair off.  O-F-F, off.  Like, Halle Berry in the 90s off.

While it was GREAT during the super hot & humid months of summer, two winters of polar vortexes pretty much made my neck cold (and thus, the rest of me cold).  I was ready for long(er) hair again.

I started the process of growing it out.  If you've ever gone this short, you'll know that growing it out can be an awkward process.  When it was obvious that it was growing out, and not just been too long between hair cuts, people started asking how long I would go.  Of course, I hadn't though that through...

I had always wanted to donate my hair.  My hair will grow back and not everyone has that option.  But I never waited long enough between BIG cuts to have enough length to do so.  When I wanted a dramatic cut, it seemed like I always had a stylist who wanted me to just take a few inches off and see how I felt about it.  I realize that they do this because they don't want a nearly bald, in-shock woman to hate them and slander them to everyone she meets for a 'terrible' haircut.  So a few inches would come off, and then a few more, and then a few more, and after the fact, I'd realize I could have made someone's day if I had just marched in and said, "I'm donating my hair and I WANT YOU TO CUT IT ALL OFF".  The above haircut happened from below shoulder length, over the course of 6 months, and after I had to change hair dressers to get one who would actually do what I asked.  When I realized I could have donated all that hair, I was bummed.

This time would be different.  I waited and let it grow.  Over 2 years later, I had this:

In about 5 minutes of prep time and a few cuts, I had this:

When it's held straight - that's over 17" of hair!

Just in time for upper 80s and summer-in-Ohio humidity, I look like this:

And you can see my little semi-colon now!

That hair is now making its way to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program and hopefully will bring a little comfort to a woman struggling with cancer.

If you have ever thought about donating, here's a great article highlighting the different donation programs and what they accept/require.
If you can't donate your hair (for whatever reason - even if you just can't tolerate letting your hair get that long!), please consider donating $8 as part of Pantene's #8or8 drive.  Learn more here. Donate here.

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