Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Chez Westy - Half Bath Remodel

The half bath was an easy thing to tackle.  It was small.  Everything had to be pulled out (if only temporarily) when we installed the new floor.  And it was ugly.  It was also the first room we completely finished.

I don't know who decided that using a paint gun to paint the entire house with flat paint the shade of paper bags was a good idea, but all that HAD. TO. GO.  Also, the light fixtures had amber glass and warm bulbs in them.  It was like walking into a cedar chest - and not in a good way.  It was dim, dark, felt confining and small, and very blah.

The bathroom sink looked nice - and we were thinking about keeping it... until we realized that it wasn't leveled properly and water, suds, etc. just sat in the sink or dried there and it always looked scummy.  The only way to fix this was the remove the sink, which meant ripping out the panels around the sink.  Then we found the old water damage in the cabinet (which wasn't installed well in the first place) and the wood was sure to be rotting somewhere underneath (or would if another leak occurred).  We later also found old water damage below the floor in the coat closet that backs up to the bathroom sink wall.

Isn't that gap attractive?
This is the view from the only seat in the room.

In trying to remove the old sink and the very 90s toilet paper holder & towel bar, we found that someone installed them with construction adhesive.  Slathered the ENTIRE FIXTURE with construction adhesive.  Removal meant serious damage to the dry wall.  And no amount of spackle was going to fix that.  We tried.  It just fell back out as it dried.

Solution: Wainscoting.  It was tall enough to cover the damage, it looks fabulous painted purple, if I do say so myself, and this decision helped to tie the kitchen & bathroom together.  Most importantly, it allowed us to have a presentable bathroom without ripping it down to the studs.  I really do not enjoy drywall work.  I'll do it if I have to, but if it can be avoided, I'm all for it.

Updates include: New trim, new towel & toilet paper holders, new light fixture, new sink, new outlets and switches, a bathroom fan that actually sucks, and a new faucet (my favorite thing about this room!).

We were able to reuse this new mirror & I love how it works in here!  If you follow me on Rav, you'll already know that this is my favorite place to take selfies with newly finished objects!

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