Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chez Westy - Fireplace Remodel

Remember how dated the fireplace was?

Big block ceramic tile.  a mantle that wasn't even as wide as the tile around the fireplace (that we discovered wasn't mounted properly and shouldn't have been weight-bearing at ALL),... I don't have a closer-up photo, because it was just so bad.

This is after we took down the sketchy mantle and trim, and ripped up the tiles on the floor.
After some investigation, we realized these tiles weren't applied using a mortar or thinset of any sort.  The wall tiles were glued to the drywall using constructive adhesive and then grouted in the joints.  The only way to get those tiles out was to cut the wall and remove that section of drywall.  The floor tiles were glued to a separate piece of plywood, which was relatively easy to pry up, thank goodness.

Out the tiles went.

We won't mention how long the fireplace looked like this.  Don't ask, ok?
New fire-resistant drywall went in.

Then, we sketched out the hearth and trimmed the flooring to accommodate it.

Then, more floor leveler.

Ellie was tired of waiting for the floor leveler to dry, too.
Then, new tiles!!

Next, we determined what type of mantle we would like to put up, where the mantle would be and where the best place to mount the TV would be.

No more TV on the coffee table!
The 2x4 on the wall will be the mount for the mantle.
We found a great DIY mantle guide on the interwebs, and with some help & borrowed tools from my dad, the hubs made a custom mantle.   Once the mantle had been finished, we mounted it and put the final layer of grout and seal on the tile.

We're so happy with how it turned out!

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