Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Chez Westy - Dining room/Crafting Area Remodel

This 'dining room' was fraught with issues.  WAY too much light (when the sliding door curtains were open, still squinting at curtains over a sliding door... it's just fussy) and then WAY too dark in the corners.  The 'cherry hardwood' floor was peeling up... good try, realtor dude... the light wasn't in a good place for a table because lots of dead space in the corners, but then shadows if you moved the table away from the light...

We quickly determined that we would use this area as a crafting area for me.  It was on the first floor, so I wouldn't need 12 million trips up and down the stairs to get something to work on or to let the dogs in and out while I am working.

WIP (work in progress): The Home Version

Ripped up the stick-on 'hardwood floor', that was stuck to linoleum, that was glued to underlayment, that was stapled to the subfloor...

New paint colors after the first coat.  I do not regret this purple ONE BIT!

Hubs laying the new floor

The new door was a future project...
until the first heavy rain & we realized the old door was crying along with Mother Nature.

I highly recommend buying a house within 10 minutes of a Lowe's or Home Depot.  We did both.

Cubbies bought on Amazon, assembled by the hubs, filled by me.

Updates include: new LED light fixture with a daylight bulb, new sliding door, new flooring, new trim, new paint, new outlets & switches, new vent covers, new cubby system and a custom shelf made by my dad (nestled under the cutting table).   I found a neat painting that goes with the new wall colors at Home Goods for cheap & dug out these shadowbox shelves from moving boxes that hadn't been opened in many years.  I'm still looking for a good spinning chair, but other than that, this corner is complete!

I commandeered one shelf of our kitchen storage for my knitting books.  They may get moved later, but for now, they are chilling with the cookbooks and the liquor.  They seem content there.

And there's even room for a Christmas tree, to be put up the day after Thanksgiving and taken down promptly at the end of Epiphany.  Because reasons.

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