Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Give me clean rinse water or give me death!

After all the hours spent attempting to citric acid fix the dye on this yarn, and without any response from Regia on the matter 4 days later, I decided I had nothing to lose - and I was curious just how much synthrapol it would take to get this water to run clear.

Using hot water (as directed on the bottle) and again, laying the yarn on top of the water to avoid agitating it, I let it soak for the recommended 5 minutes, then rinsed in cool water.

Amazingly, the purple rinsed clear!  I was thrilled!

Sadly, the pink didn't.

Neither did the blue.

I followed the synthrapol washing process again, this time, leaving the bowls of hot water & detergent sit with the yarn for several hours, until they had cooled on their own.  Then I ran cool water over each of them for 5-10 minutes each.

Marked improvement, but... I just don't trust it.

After sitting on the fence for quite some time about what to do with the freshly purchased 10 balls of the lovely main color, I had my choices in front of me:  return it (with the help of LoveKnitting's seemingly amazingly easy return policy) or find another pattern to knit with that amount of yarn.  I have to admit, after all the hours of frustration & spending over $30 in chemicals to finish their job for them, I wasn't too keen on giving Regia another dime of my money for this yarn.

After searching my favorites and queue and a bundle of KAL options with no luck, I remembered to search my LIBRARY.  (Hello!) And there it was: Blank Canvas.

A pattern that's been knit hundreds of times, that has been well-edited, from a designer whose patterns I've knitted before, that I can easily knit with the amount of yarn I already have - and the kicker: knit at the EXACT gauge that I already had.

And it will look lovely in gray.  Kicker: the ball I already had (purchased 2 years ago from an LYS that has since gone out of business) is the *same dye lot* as the bag I just got from LoveKnitting.  So I have an extra ball if I get into trouble.  Seriously?!

Maybe the universe did want me to knit a sweater out of this yarn - just not the sweater or in the way I originally thought.

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