Monday, January 23, 2017

Donita 2017: Maintain My Groovy Self

I had a beloved professor in undergrad who regularly told her students to "Maintain your groovy selves!"  or, once we knew her lingo, just "Maintain!" Just picturing her technicolor post-its and marker notes on assignments now makes me smile.

When I sat down to think about goals for this coming year and what theme to guide them, I looked back over the last few years' themes and goals.  Sometimes I need new, sometimes I need to keep on keepin' on, ya know?  After looking through everything, I really felt like I didn't need a new challenge for this year.  I just need to maintain my groovy self!

My hope for the end of 2017 is that I continue to become healthier and happier!  And since I feel like the last few years have moved me in that direction, I'm gonna keep the party going!  2014's theme was "Enjoy what you have."  I am still lucky to have the things that we have, and I need to focus on those, not the endless chasm of wanting more...  I'm sure there will always be things I would buy if I hit the lottery, but that shouldn't devalue what we've already attained/achieved/acquired. 2015 was all about "More of what makes me happy", which leaves less room for the things that don't.  Prioritizing things that are happy and healthy for us will continue to be a focus.  2016 was a year of self-care, which seems like a culmination of the last few years.  These themes all feed into each other.  And I want to continue to refine and re-prioritize our lives in this way, as it truly has made us happier.

There are a lot of repeat bullet points from the above, so I'm not gonna spell all that out again.  I've laid out a few basic, measurable goals for our finances, my personal growth, my physical wellness, and goals for our household.  And as I can, I'll share things that have worked for us.

Because I love bullet points about my crafting, here they are!

  • Spin for more large projects
    Enjoy the fleeces currently insulating the guest room closet!
  • Sew
    Enjoy the fabric stash and machine!
  • Knit more sweaters & socks
    Wearing these on the daily makes me happy & keeps me warm.  And I have plenty of yarn to do both in my house right now!
  • Knit an afghan or 2
    We love piling under all the blankets and the love will be only increased by handknit blankets!
  • Learn brioche knitting
  • Knit from:
  • 20K in finished projects again!

Until next time, maintain your groovy selves!

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