Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donita 2016: Crafty recap

You know what's awesome?  When you are reevaluating basically how you do life, and your doctor/therapist/alternative medicine professional all ask you what you do to bring joy to your life and you tell them about your small obsession with fiber arts and they unanimously agree that you should definitely embrace that and do as much of it as often as you feel you can.

Seriously.  I did not make this up.  Holy-run-on-sentence-of-excitement-and-disbelief-Batman!

Who am I to question the advice of people whose previous advice is getting me better? Really?

I made crafty goals for this past year simple, because we knew life was going to happen in a big way in 2016.
  • Knit more.
  • Spin more.
  • Sew more.
  • Design, if I feel so compelled.
How will I know if I've met these goals?
  • 20,000 yards in FOs (one of these days, I'm gonna hit that goal!!)
  • More sweaters & socks
  • Work from my queue
  • Work from my stash
  • Work my hand-spun as I finish it (don't save it for the queen!)
Knit more:  Yup!  I knit 14,975 yards of finished objects last year. A little less than 2015, but the serious uptick in spinning balanced this out.
  • 11 hats
  • 9 pairs of socks, including the hubs' first pair
  • 8 cowls and shawls, including a handspun/handknit cowl for the hubs
  • 4 sweaters
  • 2 pairs of mitts
Not my greatest garment year - more sweaters will be a goal for forever, I think.  Same goes for socks! I did knit up quite a bit of stash and knocked several projects out of my queue, so that's a win.  6 of my FOs were knit with my handspun, a good percentage!

I can't decide which of these ridiculous pictures of this cowl makes me happier...
... but it is warm and cozy! Even if I kinda look like a nun here.

Spin more: Yup! I spun 6,872 yards of finished yarn, including my first sweater quantity of handspun yarn!  Compared to less than 1,000 yards the previous year, I'm calling this a serious win.  Spinning is a legitimate mindfulness practice for me and when I spend too long away from the wheel, I feel it.  Spinning is also one of the only ways to relieve a headache for me (pain killers are an exercise in futility), so I don't deny the compulsion when the headaches strike.
  • 12 braids
  • 1 sample
  • 1 sweater quantity!!!
I'm so stinking proud of this yarn!
The links above go to search results for this year's FOs on Rav, if you want to look at all the pretty pictures.

If you're following along with the math above, I worked 21,847 yards of finished projects/yarn last year!  That's over 12 miles! I finally managed to hit that 20K goal!!! happy dance

Sew more: Nope.  With all the remodeling, moving, doctor's appointments and not knowing where my machine was in the basement for half of the year, I just haven't been able to get back into this.  I hope to get back to my machine in 2017.

Design, if I feel so compelled: I didn't feel compelled, so I didn't. I'm okay with that.  Creativity has to find you working, but when you're too tired to work, the creativity seldom comes.  And I'm not gonna beat myself up for that.

All in all, a good year, especially considering all the strides that were made in other parts of our life!

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