Monday, January 18, 2016

Donita 2015: Finale and Donita 2016: Self-care

My crafty goals for 2015 included the following:

  • 20,000 yards worked 
  • More sweaters in my sweater chest
  • fewer languishing UFOs (Muggles: this means UnFinished Objects ;) )
  • More socks in my sock drawer - 1 pair a month if possible
  • Spin more
  • Here's how I did:
    • 18,364 yards in finished objects
    • 5 sweaters finished
    • I have only 4 UFOs in progress right now, so I'm calling that win
    • 16 pairs of socks finished; 1 gifted, the rest for me!
    • I finished 5 spinning projects, resulting in over 700 yards of hand-spun yarn!
    I calling it - 2015 was a win!  If you're on Revelry, you can view my 2015 FOs here!

    Here's how all those yards broke down:
    • 5 sweaters
    • 16 pairs of socks
    • 13 hats or cowls
    • 7 shawls
    • 2 pairs of mittens
    • 5 finished spinning projects, all but one of which was knit in 2015.
    Also, I met a sparrow named Collette.

    For 2016, we have rearranged things so I can take better care of myself and better care of our household.  Because crafting is good for me in a multitude of ways, I'm going to continue to do it, as much as I can.  But because life can be unpredictable, I'm keeping it simple.  Putting too many expectations on myself will interfere with taking care of myself, so here are my goals:
    • Knit more.
    • Spin more.
    • Sew more.
    • Design, if I feel so compelled.
    How will I know if I've met these goals?
    • 20,000 yards in FOs (one of these days, I'm gonna hit that goal!!)
    • More sweaters & socks
    • Work from my queue
    • Work from my stash
    • Work my hand-spun as I finish it (don't save it for the queen!)
    I also have personal & household goals for the year, too.  I'll share those as we achieve them!

    Does anyone out there have goals for different areas of your life?  How do you pace yourself or plan to achieve them?  I'm curious how you all measure your progress!

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