Wednesday, February 4, 2015


In looking over last year's projects, I found I did a lot of knitting-along (KAL).

Follow Your Arrow, hosted by Ysolda Teague

With a local KAL hosted by my LYS, this was a mystery KAL adventure we were all on together.  It was fun, I finished my shawl (not quite on time), and I loved the yarn I worked with to knit my shawl.    I wasn't thrilled with the finished project, but I liked parts of the pattern, so I may reknit this later, intentionally picking my clues to create a shawl that I know I will love. (For the record, this is also my plan for this year's version of the Ysolda MKAL.)

Operation Sock Drawer, The Knitmore Girls

Started by Susan B. Anderson's fabulous sock drawer, The Knitmores activated Operation Sock Drawer, an ongoing effort to fill our sock drawers with beautiful handknit socks, just like Susan's.  I love handknit socks and I love to knit them, too, so this KAL was a match made in heaven for me.

Colors of Fall KAL, hosted by The Yarniacs

Inspired by the Pantone colors of the season, this KAL encouraged us to knit items that were on trend for the fall.  There were lots of beautiful projects, searchable on Ravelry with the tag 'yarniacscolors2014' - my projects are here.

Grinch-along, hosted by The Knitmore Girls

Deadline knitting can be a drag, so the Knitmores encouraged their listeners to get their grinch on!  Avoid being miserable during your holidays, stressing about all the gifts that have to be finished, and instead, be a grinch and knit for yourself!  Life's too short to give /all/ your knitting away.  They even made hand-sewn project bags with grinchy fabric as prizes (bummed I didn't win one this year, but there's always next year!!).

Pigskin Party 2014, hosted by The Down Cellar Studio Podcast

This KAL ran from the NFL Opening Day through the SuperBowl. Long time, right?  The best part of this KAL was the flexibility - the main rule was that in order to count, projects had to be cast on opening day or after and completed by the end of SuperBowl Sunday.
There were points for yardage, using products from sponsors, posting on social media, and completing challenges along the way.  Boston Jen and her super-moderator, JamlKnitter, kept this fun for 5 months - I'm already looking forward to next year!

CK Finish-along, hosted by The Commuter Knitter Podcast

NDJen of the Commuter Knitter Podcast hosted a KAL to encourage us to finish WIPs before the end of the year and there were several that I needed that little push to finish!

Knotty Girls Stashdown Challenge, hosted by The Knotty Girls Knitcast

In an effort to control the beast that is our stash, and avoid SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy), The Knotty Girls hosted the stashdown challenge.  Jen & Laura encouraged us to be mindful choosing new projects to use up our beautiful stash yarn - we bought it because we loved it, right? - or de-stash things we no longer loved.  Each month had an FO theme and seeing the FOs and the way their creative listeners tied their projects to the theme gave me a lot of chuckles this year.

In the end, it's all fun and games and community - and of course, knitting!  One day, I hope I can travel to more yarny events and meet some of these fun cast of characters in person!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Donita 2015 - the numbers

Because I like to quantify things, I decided to make Donita 2015 a little more tangible.

Here is what I'm thinking:

  1. 20,000 yards worked 
  2. More sweaters in my sweater chest
  3. fewer languishing UFOs (Muggles: this means UnFinished Objects ;) )
  4. More socks in my sock drawer - 1 pair a month if possible
  5. Spin more

I've also joined a knit-a-long for 2015 that encourages finishing WIPs, working from stash, and working from long-queued/long-favorited projects.  It fits right in with what I'm working for!

I've finished my first WIP, my Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig from the book Coastal Knits.  I'm 1/15th done already!

Now, I really need to tackle the cable chart on my Owls sweater....