Thursday, January 22, 2015

Donita 2015 - More of what makes me happy

Let me set the scene for you:  It's New Year's Eve.  I'm sick as a dog.  My hubs and I have no plans that don't involve massive quantities of moroccan mint tea, Kleenex and possibly a nap after dinner, before the counting starts.

People are taking this time to post their goals for 2015.  Lots of the typical things.  But also, people saying they are reevaluating their priorities and trying to make their life work for them and not feel worked over by their life. (Good for you, by the way - if you find any successful methods to do this, please share!!)

As inspired as one can be with the worst head cold in the history of head colds, I busted out this:

Goals for 2015: 
Not get hit by any vehicles 
Resolve both legal matters from the last time(s) vehicle(s) hit me 
Try yoga as the next phase of rehab to fix remaining muscle damage 
Knit more 
Spin more 
Walk more 
Design more 
Get current design ideas on paper & published
There you have it.  My theme for 2015 - More of what makes me happy, leaving less room for what hurts me.  I promise to make a valliant effort to focus on the former and not the latter, even though that isn't my natural predisposition.

And since I'm still coughing, I'll leave you now, in search of more tea and knitting.

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