Thursday, January 22, 2015

Donita 2015 - More of what makes me happy

Let me set the scene for you:  It's New Year's Eve.  I'm sick as a dog.  My hubs and I have no plans that don't involve massive quantities of moroccan mint tea, Kleenex and possibly a nap after dinner, before the counting starts.

People are taking this time to post their goals for 2015.  Lots of the typical things.  But also, people saying they are reevaluating their priorities and trying to make their life work for them and not feel worked over by their life. (Good for you, by the way - if you find any successful methods to do this, please share!!)

As inspired as one can be with the worst head cold in the history of head colds, I busted out this:

Goals for 2015: 
Not get hit by any vehicles 
Resolve both legal matters from the last time(s) vehicle(s) hit me 
Try yoga as the next phase of rehab to fix remaining muscle damage 
Knit more 
Spin more 
Walk more 
Design more 
Get current design ideas on paper & published
There you have it.  My theme for 2015 - More of what makes me happy, leaving less room for what hurts me.  I promise to make a valliant effort to focus on the former and not the latter, even though that isn't my natural predisposition.

And since I'm still coughing, I'll leave you now, in search of more tea and knitting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014, you're history!

Well, 2014: you were and now you're gone and I'm okay with that.  During 2014, I did a little knitting... you know, just enough to keep me from killing people.

Finished Objects: 49 projects
(this links to my Ravelry project search for 2014 - way faster than linking ALL THE THINGS)

Operation Sock Drawer in full effect!
I finished 10 pairs of socks for my sock drawer.  They make me happy.  But also, make me want more handknit socks.  C'est la vie.

Project Sweater Chest
This got started late in the year, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  I finished 2 adult sweaters and 3 baby sweaters that were gifted.  More sweaters are coming.  The plans are laid, (some) swatches are already knit.  It's cold here and I want sweaters.

2014: The year of the shawl
I finished 12 shawls/wraps/cowls this year.  I don't know what got into me.  But it was cute & warm.

I knit 13 hats and 3 premie hats, 3 of which were my designs.

Baby Commissions
I crocheted a baby Minnie skirt/hat/diaper cover set, as well as 2 sleep sacks for a friend's daughter's baby.  She is pretty cute in that Minnie outfit, so the crochet was worth it.

Baby Blankets
I knitted 2 baby blankets this year, both as gifts and both of my own design.  I need to write those patterns up & share them!

...and 1 top that I hate and probably will frog.

A check in on my 2014 goals for myself.

2014 Crafty Goals

More socks.  More sweaters - pullovers this year, too!  More custom fitted garments, regardless of how I feel about my body on that given day.  More knitting from stash.  More knitting that makes me happy.  Less finishing things that don't 'make my heart sing', as Gigi from The Knitmore Girls would say.
More socks: √++
More sweaters: √-
More knitting from shash: √
More knitting that makes me happy: √
Less finishing things that don't: √

Life got in the way of the sweaters, but considering all the things I knit on the fly or designed myself, I'd call it a successful year.

Then there was the yarn diet.  Here's the short version of the diet, with more goals (because I don't have enough goals in life, apparently):

Yarn Diet Goals & Boundaries:

  1. Knit only from stash for the first half of 2014.
  2. During the first half of 2014, move $40 into savings every time I'm tempted to go to my LYS or Etsy to buy yarn.
  3. After the first half of 2014, new yarn can be purchased, but only in yardage amounts equaling what I've already knit in 2014.
  4. Work projects that have been marinating in my queue before casting on ALL THE THINGS from a newly purchased/released book/pattern collection.
  5. Enjoy the process & the product!!
2014 Crafty Goals:
  1. 20,000 yards of yarn worked this year.
    I worked 19,000 in 2013 or just over 10 miles... I think this is doable!
  2. Learn two-at-a-time sock technique.
  3. Learn toe-up two-at-a-time sock technique.
The yarn diet worked pretty well and I stuck to it for the most part.  I had exceptions listed in the original post and other than that, I paid my 'temptation' money to Halos of Hope.  I knit a lot from stash.  I wasn't as strict about yardage-in/yardage-out as I intended to be.  Stress and insurance companies and subpoenas will do that to you.  I have been prioritizing my cast-ons with my existing library, so I think it worked!

Crafty goals - I knit TAAT socks and TAAT toe-up socks this year!  WOOO!!!

Yardage goal wasn't quite met.  I worked a combined 18,347 yards between knitting, crochet & spinning.  I didn't make it, but considering everything else that happened this year, I'm still happy.  That's a lot of yarn - that's roughly 10 1/2 miles or 16 3/4 kilometers ( #metricrevolution !) of yarn.

I also received a spinning wheel for Birth-aversary-mas, and her name is Gretchen.  We are still trying to figure out how to work together.  It's a process.

All in all, another year where yarn kept me out of prison and out of therapy, for better or worse. :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

I swear, my vacation wasn't 6 months long... I wish... but no.

We went on vacay.  Here's proof!

Gettin' in a little history lesson
LaFonda, conquering the dunes north of Duck - no tow truck required here!
Karma wanted to bite the ocean and the crabs.
Ellie wanted to warn everyone that if they went into the ocean, they might die.
We were the noisy crew at the beach.
Sorry, not sorry.

A word to the wise: Never schedule a vacation and a move within the same calendar month.  Or the same quarter.  Or just don't move. (And definitely not with these movers - highly unsatisfied customer right here.)

Bonus wisdom: Never go on vacation, move a week after you return from said vacation and then get involved in a car accident while leading the movers to your new abode.

Bonus BONUS wisdom: If you can avoid it, also never get hit by an unlicensed, uninsured, hit-and-run driver with a neck tattoo while not doing any of the above.

And people wonder why sometimes I wish I could just never leave my house.  I have a hashtag for this - #Icannotmakeupmylife - it's gonna catch on, way better than Fetch ever did.

The above, plus 3 subpoenas and countless chiropractor's visits later, are the reason why I have been such a deliquent blogger.  I'm still fighting with insurance companies, but I found an awesome chiropractor who I'm now on a first name basis with... and his staff.  I'm sure it helps that there aren't really that many Donitas in his patient pool.

I was able to knit afterwards, after a month or so, but things have been crazy.  We're just now feeling like we know where things are in our house.

We also had a great time visiting some Ohio festivals this fall: Dublin Irish Festival in August & the Ohio Renaissance Festival in September & October.  (Yeah, I know.  Two groups of friends.  It happens!) We also gained a new nephew & he needed some super-hero knitting.  More on that later!

Matt and his Scottish brother-from-another-mother, modeling their kilts
We ran into Jack Sparrow & Ms. Swan at Pirates Weekend
Most impressive, Ms. Swan sewed that dress herself!
Caught up with my Mississippi cousin & his MIL after a Buckeyes game
I got my first picture with Santa (I was confessing here...)
Meeting Baby Jeremiah
He likes it!  He really really likes it!

I have a 2014 recap/2015 goals post coming.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe later.  But just like Arnold, I'll be back.