Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Back to hookin' it...

I recently had a request for a baby set - this adorable Minnie Mouse costume for a baby who will be named Minnie, in honor of one of her grandmothers.  The expectant mother found the item on etsy, but then saw that it was a pattern purchase link, not a link to purchase the set.  And that's why I busted out my crochet hooks & used my weekly Jo-Ann's coupon load on acrylic.

This pattern is very reasonable (only $3.99) and is simple & straightforward.  I worked up most of this project over a weekend.  There is a bit of finishing involved with the polka dots, but if you really hate sewing, the polka dots are optional.

Hopefully, this will make the new momma-to-be happy & provide some super cute newborn photos!

The other request was a few sleep sacks with chevron patterning.  I scoured Ravelry for patterns with chevrons/zig-zags.  I found a lot of afghans, baby blankets, and hats.  Nothing in the round, except color work patterns, which don't really have that nice v shape you want in a chevron.  I tried to adapt a few things, but nothing really worked.  So I had to improvise and this is what I got: Minnie's Chevron Sacks.  I'll do an extended post with more pictures & the pattern later.

Happy hooking!

Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Things - 12/30

Things I like:
1.  My Oats cowl, made from Knit Picks City Tweed.  So warm & toasty!
2.  The Office on Netflix
3.  York Peppermint Patties

Things I dislike:
1.  Acrylic yarn with no twist
2.  Black acrylic yarn with no twist
3.  No matter how many times I have crocheted things with a zig zag stitch, I still manage to mess it up.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Inaugural Post

New year (almost).  New blog.

I've been flush with ideas lately that won't let me rest, and while I love scrolling through Tumblr if I'm bored and happen to be without a knitting project, it's just not conducive to posting full thoughts.  If you want memes and gifs, hurry on over there by all means!

When thinking of what to call this new blog, I kept thinking of names that I liked of other blogs, podcasts, etc. for inspiration.  Really, there can only be one Yarn Harlot (and who can compete with Stephanie? Honestly?).  I don't have a business I'm trying to promote here, so I don't have a branding consistency to consider.  I don't have a partner in crime, so this title could be something to reflect me.  Reflect only me and where I am right now, but also grow with me in the future.

I tried several ways to incorporate the reason I'm fond of sharing when asked why I knit: I knit so I don't kill people.  That seemed a little harsh, since there wouldn't be a grin delivered along with the explanation. I tried to fuse music (my first love & professional background) and knitting, but nothing was resonating with me (pun intended).  I almost put off this post for another day, convinced if I couldn't name a blog, I didn't have anything worth sharing in the first place.

Then I found this quote from the incomparable Elizabeth Zimmerman - "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."

That was it.  That was what I had been doing for years.  Through heartache & struggle, through journeys both physical & emotional, through all kinds of waiting, I had knit on.  And while this blog will primarily be about knitting, I can't promise there won't be doses of those other aspects, too.  You take your knitting with you out into your life and some of your life is bound to stick with your knitting when you bring it back.

Here's to a new year & new WIPs!  Aren't we all WIPs, when it comes down to it?

Side note: I'll be looking for a way to move my archive posts into this new space.  Please forgive me if that gets a bit wonky.