Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming undone

I made a shawl a few years ago from a single skein of yarn that was over 700 yards long (no knots! It was incredible!!). I loved the colors in the hank. I loved the texture of the yarn. I loved that I found a pattern that I could customize and use every last bit of this delicious find from a LYS. Wool, silk & bamboo: they called it Great Wall. It was perfect.
Until I finished it. The way the crochet worked up, it felt like it sucked the colors right out of the yarn. There was no lovely color pooling. There was no contrast. It was just a large blah thing that I had trouble pairing with any clothes I owned or could find at any store. Such high expectations! And then… So much time in the drawer. Here is the finished product.
So today, I did a sacrilegious thing.
Today, I found the weaved-in final end and carefully extracted it. I untied the slip knot that secured this giant granny triangle. And then I frogged the entire thing. All 700 yards. The hubs helped me wind it onto my swift, where it was bound into a hank. I submerged the whole lot of it in a sink full of cool water & soak and watched as all that crocheting melted away.
This is kind of a big deal. I rarely revisit things in my life that are finished. Whether it is a shawl or a project or a time in my life where you can’t go home again, I don’t like to go back. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it is a reminder of a past failure, sometimes it’s just unpleasant to dwell there. With projects, I’ll give them away or donate them. Most of the time, I let the past lie in the past. I used to think that the fact that it was over was enough reason never to look back. Maybe that was hasty of me. Maybe before dismissing, I should reevaluate the raw quality of what I’m looking at. Determine if it is worth revisiting. Eventually, there will be something so good, it’s worth looking back at & putting time into again.
Hopefully, sometime after this yarn has unkinked, dried and been rewound, I can make something of this beautiful pile of fiber. When you have something raw that’s this beautiful, you can’t let it exist being mediocre.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Homemade remedy for upset dog bellies!

Our new-found remedy for dogs with upset bellies! 

After an episode of vomiting, feed them:
  • First 24 hours: beef or chicken stock or broth. We froze beef broth into ice cube trays, as our dogs love ice cubs anyway!
  • Second 24 hours: plain yogurt. We used whole yogurt for the extra fat. 
  • Third 24 hours: 1 part yogurt, 1 part normal food

This got our younger rescue back to normal without starving her!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I’m having a secret affair…

…and strangely, the hubs totally gets it. I mean, let’s be honest - he can’t do all the things that this new love can for me. We have come to an agreement and we’re both okay with things.
Now that I’ve found it, life just wouldn’t be the same without tea tree oil.
Sorry I couldn’t resist. I know, I know… But at our house, it’s no longer ‘Put some Windex on it’ and it’s not a joke. It’s ‘Put some tea tree oil on it’ and it usually works!!
Infected cuticle? Not anymore.
Cut you want to cleanse? Doesn’t even sting.
Pimple you want to nip in the bud? Past history.
Counters need disinfecting? Done.
Need a boost in your fabric softener? Easily.
A yucky toenail that needs some help? Slather it on. (I haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard/seen so many accounts, I’d try it!)
We have found so many uses for tea tree oil and have yet to be disappointed!

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will turn up a slew of uses for tea tree oil & recipes for using it. It has antiseptic & anti-fungal properties and is powerful even when diluted.
Most recently, I read that hot spots on dogs can be treated with a simple tea tree oil spray. And we just found a hot spot on poor Ellie dog’s front leg. I immediately went for the melaleuca! It must be itching less, as she’s been licking and fussing over it much less.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When did sexting become so mainstream?

This is the fifth encouragement of sexting between married couples I’ve seen in the last few weeks. Have creative communication & class vacated all relationships now? I wouldn’t really call sexting creative, and I’m pretty sure no one would argue it’s classy.
If you have to get the idea to ‘sext’ from a magazine, perhaps it’s not really your thing…