Thursday, July 14, 2011


What does one do with a laundry basket over half full of yarn waiting to be repurposed?
I was able to save a lot of the yarn from the dog-eaten afghan, except the center 3x3’ square. It was going to be more weaving in ends than it was worth. Now… What to do?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Karma update & Tupper-where?

First, an update on our newest family member, Karma. Karma has made so much progress in the last few weeks. She is starting to act like a dog again, using her nose, showing and accepting affection, and best of all, she has developed a ‘tell’ when she needs to go outside! Woo hoo! No more destruction of household items, thank goodness! She did take the entire top section off of an extreme Kong (for hardcore chewers, so she must be ultra-hardcore… LOL).
Still no definite ideas of what to do with all my yarn from the last casualty. I’m open to suggestions! My only thought right now is perhaps a massive Sock Yarn Blanket. Thoughts?
And now, Tupperware! My party last week was intimate, but enjoyable. It was a great excuse to get together with some friends in the area who I haven’t caught up with yet. Also, two more parties are scheduled for the next few weeks! One in Columbus and one in the thriving metropolis of Ada! Yay! I enjoy the products, I enjoy helping other people eat in more and I enjoy meeting new people, so bring it on!
I have also made TWO cakes in the microwave and I’m refining the process more each time. I even got the approval of my soon to be brother-in-law, who is a serious foodie. :)
My fiancé is also being fabulously supportive as I try to initiate all these serious life changes. Not only is he taking it in stride, but I suspect he may even be proud of me. ;)

Friday, July 1, 2011


Recently, my fiance and I adopted a rescue dog named Karma.  I think she’s really a sweet dog, deep down, but her past experiences have caused her quite a lot of distress and she has deep issues that we now have to deal with (none of which we realized, or were made aware of at the time of her adoption).  We’ve been trying to make the best of it and work through her difficulties with her.  It has turned into quite the project and has already taken quite a lot of resources, with no real progress unfortunately.  But we’ve adopted her and we’re trying to stay positive.
I should say we were trying to stay positive.  My fiance is still trying.  He’s also asleep right now.  I, however, am the one writing a blog at 5 in the morning, heartbroken.  
While we were out today, Karma hopped her crate across the floor to our bed and pulled a fourth of our afghan into the 1/2” vents in her crate and proceeded to shred it.  The afghan is now a memory.  
It’s just an afghan, right?  It’s replaceable, right?  Not exactly.
I made the afghan myself.  Crocheted it, if you want to get technical.  It was my first, and only to-date, grand scale project.  The final dimensions were 104”x104” and more than easily covered my queen size bed.  It took almost 25 skeins of yarn and nearly 6 months to complete. It cost over $200 in materials alone.  It was exactly what I wanted.  And maybe most importantly, it kept me grounded when I went through a difficult time personally.  Finishing this giant granny square gave me focus and gave me a goal.  It was something I was really proud of.

I never realized how attached to it I was until I was sitting on our bedroom floor, sobbing, cutting it away from the vents in the crate with a cardboard knife.  An hour or so ago, I woke up, looking for the afghan as the AC kicked on.  I rolled over, reached down and then remembered.  So much for sleep.
Has anyone else’s handmade labor of love ever met such an unfortunate end?  (I certainly hope not!) But if this has happened to you, how did you react?
And of course, how do I repurpose the remaining yarn?  I can’t just chuck it in the dumpster! (People will call the management about a hysterical woman standing at the container, sobbing and muttering something about a canine…)